For FAA Aircraft Mechanic Certification

Military Experience

If you have experience working on aircraft in the United States military you may already be qualified to take the required tests the required test.

First we suggest that you read the full requirements of the F.A.A.. You will find that information here: F.A.A. Military Experience requirements.

Next you should check the military occupational specialty codes for your branch of service to determine the certificate(s) you qualify for. If you have held one of these codes, then you are qualified to take the required tests.

If you would like to search the MOS Job codes
Please click on your service Branch

Air Force   Army   Coast Guard   Marines   Navy


You will need to present a letter to the Federal
Aviation Administration Airworthiness Inspector,
listing your aviation maintenance experience.

Click the Link Below for a Sample of Letter
To be presented to the FAA Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Inspector

(Sample Letter)


Click Here for our Veterans information and requirements page.

We are happy to help.
Please call us if you have questions about obtaining your
A & P license with military aircraft maintenance experience.

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