Aircraft Mechanic Course

Hands-On Training.

Once you have passed your written test, you will go to our "Hands-On Lab" where an instructor will work with you one-on-one. Your instructor will evaluate your experience and determine your needs and then concentrate on any weak areas.

You will be performing many of the same task and using the same tools and test equipment you will find at the DME's Practical Examination. Your instructor will enlighten you on what to expect the day of your examination.

Be sure to ask questions and take notes, we want you to feel confident in all test areas before completing our course.

Powerplant Topics Covered

Reciprocating Engine Theory of Operation
Reciprocating Engine Safety
Aircraft Engine Inspections
Magneto Timing
Impulse Couplers
Cylinder Compression Testing
Aircraft Carburetors
Carburetors Components
Carburetor Heat Systems
Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Systems Inspections
Turbo Chargers
Super Chargers
Type Certificate Data Sheets
Supplemental Type Certificates
Engine Log Books
Turbine Engine Theory of Operation
Turbine Engine Components
Turbine Engine Thrust Reverser
High-Tension Exciters
Radial Engine Theory of Operation
Radial Engine Components
Spark Plug Inspection
Spark Plug Rotation
Propeller Blade Tracking
Propeller Nick Blending
Propeller Anti-Ice
Using a Propeller Protractor
Engine Controls Inspection
Cooling Fin Inspection
Engine Baffle Inspection

Airframe Topics Covered

Aircraft Inspections
Rivet Spacing
Rivet Layout
Transverse Pitch Layouts
Selecting Rivet Length
Drilling Aluminum
Drilling Counter Sinks
Shooting Solid Rivets
Shooting Counter Sink Rivets
Inspecting Rivets
Pulling Blind Rivets
Rivet Removal
Aircraft Electrical Systems
DC motors / Generators
Type Certificate Data Sheets
Supplemental Type Certificates
Aircraft Log Books
Fire Detection Systems
De-Ice Systems
De-Ice Boots
Tube Cutting
Tube Bending
Tube Beading
Tube Flaring
Safety Wiring
Turnbuckle Safety Wiring
Wood Structures
Fabric Covering
Fabric Testing
Aircraft Instrument Inspection
Aircraft Instrument Markings
Control Surface Deflecting Angles
Cable Inspection
Cable Tension Testing


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