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Aviation School of Excellence has been in the business of training and licensing qualified aircraft technicians for over sixteen years. On average, we generally train and license approximately 100 + students per year. Of that, approximately 70 % of the students are military personnel, 20% are of the civilian sector and the remaining 10% are international students.

We are an authorized training facility for the U.S. Governments Department of Veterans Affairs for Voc-Rehabilitation and the G.I Bill for veterans training and licensing. Our Veterans Administration Facility code Number is 19010140.

Also, we are a certified and authorized vendor of technical training for the U.S. Government under the vocational schools. Vendor code # 024858867 and N.A.I.C.S. code # 8249. Finally, we are and accredited training facility under the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (P.A.M.A.).


Aviation School of Excellence is located just off I-75, within the city limits of Valdosta, in South Georgia, at the Valdosta Regional Airport. (Approx. 4 hours south of Atlanta, GA. Approx. 2 hours west of Jacksonville, FL. and 1.5 hours east of Tallahassee, FL.)

Our Physical Address Is

Aviation School of Excellence
2626 Madison Highway, Suite 202
Valdosta, GA 31601

Located at the
Valdosta Georgia Regional Airport

Office 229-506-3254

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