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Aircraft Mechanic Forms and Applications

Links to Common Federal Aviation Administration Forms and Applications:

1. Airframe and Powerplant Application Form / FAA Form 8610-2
Complete this form to apply for your A&P License with an FAA Inspector.

2. A&P Change of Address Form Complete this form to change your address.

3. FAA Form 337 Major Repair & Alteration Form Complete this form as practice for your
FAA Airframe Powerplant Practical Licensing Exam. Use the instructions on #4 as a guide.

4. FAA Form 337 Instructions Use this as a guide to complete the Form 337 Major Repair & Alteration Form.
This form needs to be completed on the FAA A&P Practical Licensing Exam.

5. IA Application Form / FAA Form 8610-1 Complete this application to apply for an Inspector's Authorization
(IA) with the FAA. Remember you need to hold your A&P for 36 months prior to applying for an IA.

6. Application for Replacement of Lost or Destroyed Paper Airman Certificate(s) / A&P License

7. Application for Replacement of Lost or Destroyed Knowledge Test Report (s) / Written Exam Results

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Page updated January 15, 2022