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Aviation School of Excellence is pleased to present to you our Class Brochure. We sincerely appreciate your interest in attending Aviation School of Excellence  for your FAA General, A&P, training and licensing needs.

If there are any questions after reading this booklet,
please feel free to contact us


You can e-mail us at

Or come by our facility
on the flight line, at the Valdosta Regional Airport, (VLD)

Note: If you are flying your own or company aircraft in, VLD,

Aviation has aircraft parking available.

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About the School

The Aviation School of Excellence has been in the business of training and licensing qualified technicians for over ten years now. On average, we generally train and license approximately 100 + students per year. Of that, approximately 80 % of the students are military personnel, 15% are of the civilian sector and the remaining 5% are students of foreign nations.

The staff at the Aviation School of Excellence are experts in assisting active military and veterans transition into the civilian world.


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Aviation School of Excellence is located just off I-75, within the city limits of Valdosta, in South Georgia, at the Valdosta Regional Airport. Please go to (Valdosta Area Information), for details.

If you are driving, we are approximately

4 hours south of Atlanta, GA.

2 hours west of Jacksonville, FL.

1.5 hours northeast of Tallahassee, FL.

Our Physical Address Physical is:

Aviation School of Excellence
2626 Madison Highway, Suite 202
Valdosta, GA 31601

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Purpose and Objectives
Our purpose is to achieve the following
objectives towards accomplishing this mission.


The mission of Aviation School of Excellence Testing and Certification Center is to provide high quality, vocationally focused, non-degree programs and certification and licensing courses throughout the U.S. and some select foreign nations. These programs offered at the Aviation School of Excellence classrooms and the distance formats, will give the student the theoretical and practical skills all employers require in the fields of Aviation Maintenance.
  1.  Offer innovative methods of delivering educational services, which includes providing classes at convenient sites throughout the U.S. and select countries abroad.

  1. Develop curricula using the latest instructional methods to enhance student learning.

  1. Support a highly qualified and licensed staff.

  1. Keep in contact with industry specialists and employers in our fields of training.

  1. Provide personalized student services to assist in their respective studies.

Note: After compliance with any of the mentioned courses and exams,
you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Aviation School
of Excellence and your Federal Occupational Specialty Licenses
or Certificates will be sent to you via US Postal Service.

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F.A.A. Examination and Grading System


Aviation School of Excellence has it's own FAA computer examination facility and test results are given to the student immediately after completion of each exam. Also, all records will be maintained for a minimum of three years. Each course of study has a final passing score and is listed as follows:

General 70%

Airframes 70%

Powerplants 70%

For Manuel Proficiency Testing

A. Must be able to perform all required tasks to a satisfactory level.

B. Classes may include a written, oral and or practical examination for course completion.


Letter Grading

The instructor of each course has sole responsibility for measuring, evaluating and assigning a letter grade to reflect the quality of work and participation demonstrated by the student. Also, students missing 20% or more of the classes will receive a failing grade unless they request in writing, an incomplete. If you are granted an incomplete, you will have one year from the ending date of the class to re-enroll and change your grade from an "I" to a passing letter grade. After that period, your grade will automatically revert to a "Failing" grade. So, the student must make sure he or she coordinates with the instructor for a date and time to make up the sessions and exams.

Grade Status Quality Points

    A Superior - 4

    B  Above Average - 3

    C  Average - 2

    D  Below Average - 1

    F  Failure - 0

    W  Withdrawal - 0

    I  Incomplete - 0

All "course" grades are determined on an average point adjusted scale.

F.A.A. point Scale

100 – 95% A

94 – 90% B

89 – 80% C

79 – 70% D

69 – 00% F

NOTE ….. Any student who fails the initial final exam for that particular course of study will have to re-apply for enrollment and begin the course on an as available basis. Also, the student will be responsible for any additional costs such as tuition increases, books, test fees, instructions or any other items other than the base tuition. Finally, the re-examination process will be governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Veterans Administration/G.I. Bill, and The Federal Aviation Administration.

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School Class Dates, Hours and Holidays

The school operates from 0900 – 1800*, Monday – Saturday for training and testing.

* There will be a 10-minute break each hour of class and 1 hour for lunch.

Holidays observed are: New Years Eve, New Years Day and the day after,Thanksgiving week and Christmas week.

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Lodging and Food

There are many hotels and restaurants available near Aviation School of Excellence. Lodging ranges from $49.95 per day to $500.00 per week.

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School Transportation

Select hotels offer transportation to and from the hotel and Aviation School of Excellence at no cost. Also, if you are arriving by Airline, simply call us for instructions and directions on getting to your hotel. If you are flying your own or company plane, aircraft parking is available near the school.

The F.A.A. Courses

F.A.A. – A&P Eligibility Requirements

The F.A.A. mechanic's course is designed for applicants who meet

FAR 65.71 and FAR 65.77 only. Under these regulations, you must meet the minimum criteria of the aviation mechanical experience before the F.A.A. will allow you to take the F.A.A. A&P written exams. The minimum requirements for one (1) license is 18 months of experience and to attain authorization for both (2) licenses, you must have at least a minimum of 30 months of hands on aviation technical experience. If in doubt, call us at the Aviation School of Excellence. or the F.A.A. office near you, for more information on this matter.

Aviation School of Excellence Airframes and Powerplants
Course Breakdown and course hours… 100 Hours.

(F.A.A. General Course Outline – 30 Hours)

* Basic Aviation Electricity * Fluid Lines & Fittings

* Aircraft Drawings * Materials & Process

* Weight & Balance * Ground Ops/Service

* Cleaning & Corrosion * Aviation Math

* Basic Physics

* Maint. Publications * Maint. Priv. & Limits

50 questions & answers on the F.A.A. General Exam

With a minimum passing percentage of 70%.

(F.A.A. Airframes Course Outline – 20 Hours)

* Aircraft Wood Structures * Aircraft Coverings

* Aircraft Finishes * Sheet metal Structure

* Welding * Assembly & Rigging

* Airframes Inspection * Landing Gear Systems

* Hyd. & Pneumatics * Cabin Atmosphere

* Instrument Systems * Comm / Nav Systems

* Aircraft Fuel Systems * Electrical Systems

* Position and Warning * Ice & Rain Systems

* Fire Protection System * Propeller Systems

100 questions & answers on the F.A.A. Powerplant Exam

- With a minimum passing percentage of 70%.

(F.A.A. A&P Oral & Practical Course Outline – 24 Hours)

* General Maintenance Procedures and Tools.

* F.A.A. Required Paperwork and Forms.

* Manufacturer's Service Bulletins.

* F.A.A. Airworthiness Directives.

* Type Certificate Data Sheets / Specification Sheets.

* Supplemental Type / Certificates.

* Log Book Entries.

* Major Repairs / Alterations Forms 337.

* F.A.A. Federal Aviation Regulations Part 1, Part 21, Part 23, Part 39,

Part 43, Part 65 and Part 91.

* 100 Hour / Annual / Special Inspections.

* Maintenance, Overhaul, I.P.B. and Service Manuals.

* Advisory Circulars.

(F.A.A. A&P Oral & Practical Examination – 8 Hours)

All 44 test subjects covered by the question and answer sessions and the hands on practical exam.

NOTE … If any portion of the written exams and oral & practical exam is failed, the F.A.A. mandates that a minimum of five hours of additional instructions must be attained before that portion of the exam failed, can be administered again.

F.A.A. Inspection Authorization Eligibility Requirement

* Hold a currently effective mechanic certificate with both the A&P rating, each of which is currently effective and has been in effect for a total of at least three years.

* Have been actively engaged, for at least the two year period, before the date he / she applies, in maintaining aircraft.

I.A.W. this chapter. (Part 43 and 65)

* Have a fixed base of operations at which he / she may be located in person or by telephone during a normal working week, but it need not be the place where he / she will exercise his / her Inspection Authority.

* Have available to him the equipment, facilities and inspection data necessary to properly inspect the Airframes, Powerplants, props, or any related part or appliances.

* Pass a written test on his/ her ability to inspect according to safety standards for returning aircraft to service after major repairs or major alterations and also annual and progressive inspections performed under F.A.R. part 43.


(F.A.A. Inspection Authorization Course Breakdown – 24 Hours)

* Federal Aviation REG's / CFR's * AC- 43.13-1B / 2B

* Type Certificate Data Sheets * Spec. Sheets

* Advisory Circulars * Inspections

* Airworthiness Directives * Forms and Records

* Major Repairs / Alterations * Approved Data

* Minor & Preventative Maintenance * Acceptable Data

* Maintenance Procedures * Weight & Balance

* Insp. Authorization Exams Q & A * Your Rights

* Maintenance Related Accidents * Violations

* Customer Relations * Service Bulletins

* 100 questions & answers on the F.A.A. Inspection Authorization exam with a minimum passing percentage of 70%


Obtaining your 8610-1 Inspection Authorization
or 8610-2 A & P Authorization Forms

To be enrolled at Aviation School of Excellence, as an F.A.A. mechanic student, you must first meet all prerequisites as earlier stated. There are (5) ways of proving your experience to the authorizing F.A.A. inspector, any of these methods will be considered as proof of experience.


(1)  A Diploma from a certified F.A.A. part 147 mechanic's school. (A&P)

(2)  Have a military DD-214 with an A.F.S.C. or MOS code with an aircraft maintenance background with the minimum required time. (A&P)

(3)  Have a mechanic experience letter signed by a maintenance supervisor, military maintenance officer or a licensed A&P mechanic with which you have worked with for 18 months. For the Airframes or Powerplants of 30 months for the Airframes and Powerplants exam program.

(4)  Have a mechanic experience letter signed by a maintenance supervisor or a licensed A&P mechanic with which you have worked with for 36 months for the F.A.A. Inspection Authorization exam program.

(5)  Have a previously passed or failed F.A.A. A&P or Inspection Authorization test report. (A&P / I.A.).

A&P , I.A. Enrollment

Enrollment at the Aviation School of Excellence for courses can be at any time. Applications, down payments and the F.A.A. 8610-1 or 8610-2 forms are required to enroll. However, if at all possible, please try to enroll at least 2 weeks prior to attending classes. This will allow time for us to send you an A&P pre-study work package. That way you can begin to prepare for your certification course. Because the more you know and understand prior to getting here at Aviation School of Excellence the easier and shorter your stay will be! Also, please remember, Aviation School of Excellence trains the perspective student in a classroom setting but more on a one-to-one basis. So enroll as soon as possible, classroom size is limited to a maximum of eight students and scheduling is on the first serve basis.

Granting Previous Credits Earned

Aviation School of Excellence will grant credits earned for the F.A.A.'s Airframes and Powerplants course, if the certificate if completion for that particular course has not exceeded the expiration dates on the certificate. (two years for F.A.A.).

Academic Standards Of Progress

Academic progress will be measured at the end of each evaluation period. Failure by a student to maintain a cumulative grade point of 70% for the F.A.A. programs will result in the student being placed on academic probation. Also, failure by the student to attain the minimum passing grades at the end of the course/program will result in academic suspension (termination of veteran's benefits) for one term. The interruption will be reported to the V.A. within 30 calendar days of the change in status using the V.A. form 22-1999b.

Veterans who are reinstated for the benefits after the academic suspension who fail to maintain the minimum course passing scores during that term will be placed on academic dismissal for two terms. Reinstatement after dismissal will be granted only if mitigating circumstances exist.

Finally, it will be the student's responsibility to pay for any additional costs, such as books, supplies, instructions, exam fees, etc… that may not be covered by the Veteran's Administration. Now, in conclusion, all of the student academic progress records will be maintained and can be furnished to the student for a minimum of three years.


Incomplete's / Leave Of Absence Policy

Should you be unable to complete a course, you will need to contact Aviation School of Excellence. immediately. You will then have one year from the course drop date to re-enroll to prevent credit loss of classes completed. But, If the student has to drop the course due to mitigating circumstances, such as serious injury to self or an immediate family member, an emergency, financial crisis or military orders, exceptions will be granted.

Tuition Payments and Prices
Please Note: Tuition is payable by by money order, bank cashiers check, cash, Visa/MasterCard or Visa/MasterCard debit cards.

Tuition Rates

Rates effective 01 June 2012
Books and software include 7% Georgia sales tax

A and P and System Licensing - V.A. / Corp. 100 hr. Course
  $ 2,550.00
Includes audio/visual training aids, software, study guides, manuals, materials, lectures, lab training , written, oral, practical courses and final exam with DME.
(Includes S&H of materials and all taxes).

A or P and System Licensing - V. A. / Corp. 72 hr. Course
  $ 2,250.00
Includes the same as above, but for the airframe or the powerplant with general only.

All-mechanics add-on license for A/F or P/P
  $ 1,800.00

F.A.A. - A & P (A or P) Oral and Practical review (only)
  $ 1,800.00

F.A.A 24-30 Hour Inspection Authorization course and exam.
  $ 750.00



All Computer Written Test   $ 160.00
All Study Guides Forms   $ 25.00 - $ 60.00
AC 43.13-1B/2A & AMT FAR   $ 52.00
FAA-H-8083.30   $ 50.00
FAA Study & Exam Software   $ 99.99

(O&P & I.A Courses Require The AC 43 & FAR Materials)

NOTE - All Rates Subject to Change Without Notice!


Financial Assistance

Aviation School of Excellence does not offer financial aid, but may allow the student to pay the tuition in 2 equal payments, with the final payment due on the first day of class.

civilian employees may wish to check with their Human Resource representative or their employer training department, as many companies offer tuition reimbursement. In addition, if you are serving in the U.S. military or are a retired service member, Aviation School of Excellence can and will assist in filing with the V.A. for the licensing and certification program for reimbursement under the G.I. bill. You are strongly encouraged to verify with your V. A. representative that our program is acceptable for tuition assistance or reimbursement.


Job Placement

Aviation School of Excellence does not guarantee or imply that you will be hired by any aviation company. However, with these professional certifications, your chances of being hired are greatly improved.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

You are reserving a seat in a particular class. Since a large amount of lead/study time is necessary before attending class, we have no way re-selling your seat should you decide to reschedule or cancel. Therefore, cancellations are not allowed and refunds are not given. This policy is necessary as we limit our class size so that students are assured of the one on one help they may need from our instructors. Class size is limited to 8 students. Only active duty military personnel who are reassigned / deployed overseas are eligible for even a partial refund. (Such refund is minus books, software and a $100.00 administration fee. We will require a copy of your deployment orders). However, military personnel deployed overseas have the option to remain enrolled for a class date to be determined once they are again state-side.

Registration Fee

An established registration fee in the amount not to be exceeded $10.00 need not be subject to pro-ration.

Prompt Refund

Refunds will be made within 40 days. Veterans are not required to file an application for refund. However, please note that not all books, computer software and training aids sent to you are refundable and you will be charged the face value for each item.

NOTE… There will also be a $100.00 drop out fee on top of the materials sent to you if you do not notify the school in writing at least 30 working days prior to un-enrolling from the assigned course date.


F.A.A. A & P Oral and Practical Prep Course and Exams

The F.A.A. requires the written exam results be in the student's hands before an Oral and Practical Exam can be administered. Therefore, in order to take an O&P exam with one of our examiners (DME).

You must have two (2) copies of the F.A.A. 8610-2 forms, all of the F.A.A. A&P written examination score test sheets, and a valid form of identification.

In addition, although not mandatory, we highly recommend that you go through the F.A.A. A&P Oral and Practical prep. Course. The course is designed to cover all of the forty-four areas' that you will be tested on. We work with area D.M.E's (Designated Mechanic Examiners), located in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.


Should a student fail any portion if their final exam with the FAA DME, we guarantee to give up to 5 hours of additional instruction at no cost for up to twelve months.

NOTE… All additional training and re-testing must be complied with at the Aviation School of Excellence facility in Valdosta, Georgia and in an as available basis.


Classroom and Lab Training Facilities

The Aviation School of Excellence training Center in Valdosta, Georgia has over 3000 sq. ft. of classroom and lab space area.

What to bring for the enrollment and certification process
  • Mandatory signed F.A.A. 8610-2 authorization forms (2).
  • Valid picture I.D. (drivers license, Military I.D. card).
  • Tuition payment or remaining balance.
  • Living expenses for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.
  • Ambition for learning and a good attitude.


In closing, we just want to thank you in advance and hope to see you very soon.

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