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United States Army

Following are the updated, new, and the older MOS codes for the United States Army. Use the new codes for active duty time after January 1990. The older codes are still valid for persons wishing to credit their military aviation maintenance experience toward meeting the requirements of the FAA airframe and powerplant mechanic certificate.

United States Army

NOTE: Some AFSC may have an alphabetical suffix, known as "Shredout." The shredout identifies specialization in a specific aircraft or system. The shredout has no bearing toward creditable experience.



Previous codes are highlighted in YELLOW

The codes below are listed in the following format: "Current Number (Old Code Numbers) -- Job Title -- Creditable Experience".

15B10/30 (Old Code 68B10/30) -- Aircraft Powerplant Repairer -- Powerplant

15D10/30 (Old Code 68D10/30) -- Aircraft Powertrain Repairer -- Powerplant

15E -- (Old Code -None-) -- Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintainer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15F10/30 (Old Code 68F10/30) -- Aircraft Electrician -- Airframe

15G10/30 (Old Code 68G10/30) -- Aircraft Structural Repairer -- Airframe

15H10/30 (Old Code 68H10/30) -- Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer -- Airframe

15J10/30 (Old Code 68J10/30) -- Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer -- Airframe

15K40 (Old Code 68K40) -- Aircraft Components Repairer Supervisor -- Airframe

15M10/30 (Old Code 67N10/30) -- UH-1 Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15N10/30 (Old Code 68N10/30) -- Avionics Mechanic -- Airframe

15R10/40 (Old Code 67R10/40) -- AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15R10/40 (Old Code 67Y10/40) -- AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15S10/40 (Old Code 67S10/40) -- OD-58D Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15T10/40 (Old Code 67T10/40) -- UH-60 Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15U10/40 (Old Code 67U10/40) -- CH-47 Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15V10/30 (Old Code 67V10/30) -- Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

15X10/30 (Old Code 68X10/30) -- AH-64 Armament/Electrical Systems -- Airframe

15Y10/30 (Old Code 68Y10/30) -- AH-64 Longbow Armament/Electrical Systems -- Airframe

15Z50 -- (Old Code 67Z50) -- Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant -- Airframe and Powerplant

151A -- Aviation Maintenance Officer -- Airframe and Powerplant

67G10/40 -- Utility Airplane Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant

67H10/40 -- Observation Aircraft Repairer -- Airframe and Powerplant


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